Anyone home?

Anyone home? is an interactive art installation shown at Once Removed, a gallery exhibit in Olive Tjaden Gallery, February 18, 2013 – February 22, 2013.

Designed and built with Allie Riggs, Anyone home? is a “conversation piece” that invites visitors to write a message on the illuminated podium using a touchpad. After a short period of time, a response appears on the box, generated by an algorithm that pulls (with varying degrees of randomness) from several email threads. The podium broadcasts (via email) images of new messages, and periodically checks its email to determine a response.

The “semi-deterministic” interactivity had the effect of driving conversations in new, spontaneous directions. The relatively novel medium of communication played with the traditional relationship between artist and patron, and the anonymous/ephemeral nature of participation seemed to create a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Anyone Home? from Allie Riggs on Vimeo.

The code is included below and is available as a gist.