Hack the Popshop

Jeremy Blum, Sam Sinensky and I turned a whiteboard into a tactile control panel for the lights and music in the PopShop, a new co-working/entrepreneurial space at Cornell University. This was our entry for the 2012 Cornell Hackathon, sponsored by Moat, Big Red Venture Fund, DFJ Gotham Ventures, the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, and Graduate Professional Student Assembly. It was designed and built entirely over the course of a 16-hour all-nighter. Since the hackathon had no restrictions on what the entry could look like (basically, hack together something cool in a short amount of time), we decided to hack the venue of the hackathon itself.

Using an Axis network camera, MATLAB, an Arduino-controlled relay, and a server written in Python, our project allows PopShop visitors to turn the lights on/off and control the music by moving 3D-printed objects around on the table. "Hack the PopShop" won 1st place.


More Information

View schematics and code on Github